South America & Antarctica

South America & Antarctica

Experience rhythms, passions and natural splendor

South America cruises offer a feast for the senses, and no one knows this exciting region better than Princess, awarded "Best Cruise Line in South America." Take in the European sophistication of Buenos Aires and lively Rio de Janeiro, both on Travel & Leisure’s "Best Places to Travel" list. And if Iguazú Falls and Machu Picchu are on your bucket list, we make it easy to see these must-see attractions on a land & sea vacation. You’ll also immerse yourself on board in the colors and cultures of the region by savoring regional cuisine, dancing the tango and enjoying destination expert presentations that will let you see this sultry destination in a whole new way.

One of the most mysterious and magical regions of the world, South America is a feast for the senses. Take in its romantic cultures and alluring history, warm to the smiles of its friendly locals, savor fine wines and robust cuisine and dance to the music of the tango.

Cruise the coastlines of South America exploring its exotic ports of call, visiting such spectacular locales as romantic Buenos Aires, Uruguay’s charming capital, Montevideo, vibrant Rio de Janeiro, the remote Falkland Islands, and scenic cruising around Cape Horn.

Discover some of the world's most dramatically diverse destinations on a cruise to South America. Visit glittering cities, idyllic islands and ancient ruins. Explore the legendary wonders of Rio de Janeiro, the historic waters of the Strait of Magellan, and the charm of flavor of Buenos Aires.


Brazilian Adventure

One of the great cities of the world, Buenos Aires blends European elegance, cowboy culture and the sultry sounds of the tango. See Belle Époque palaces and visit Recoleta Cemetery before departing for such storied ports as Lima, San Juan del Sur, and verdant Costa Rica.

Andes and South America

Cruise the dramatic coastlines of Chile, Ecuador and Peru. The stunning Andes are never far from sight, which lead you to Lima, Quito and Machu Picchu—high points in every sense of the word. On the opposite coast, cruise to Brazil into Rio de Janeiro where the city works its magic with one of the most dazzling arrivals in all of cruising

Cape Horn and Strait of Magellan

Those who take this cruise to Cape Horn swear it is every bit as spectacular as Alaska. Their reports are filled with mystical glaciers and fjords, forested coastline and wildlife in abundance—from whales and penguins to condors with enormous wingspans.


South America Cruises

South America cruises offer a feast for the senses, and no one knows this exciting region better than Princess, awarded "Best Cruise Line in South America." From Rio to the breathtaking Chilean fjords and bucket list destinations like Iguazú Falls and Machu Picchu, we make it easy to see these must-see attractions. And new for 2018-2019 are Ocean Medallion Vacations on Royal Princess, where you’ll enjoy a seamless and personalized experience like never before.

History and Culture

Step back in time and explore UNESCO World Heritage sites and dramatic 16th century architecture in Santiago and Montevideo. Discover authentic adobe homes once belonging to the Incas in Piscoand uncover Chile’s vibrant culture in the regional museums of Punta Arenas.

Shore Excursions

Peruse pre-Columbian artifacts in La Serena’s Archeological Museum, photograph Buenos Aires’ historic La Boca district on a walking tour, delight in a performance by the Peruvian prancing horses in Lima and say hello to a crocodile colony on a Tarcoles River cruise. And on itineraries with More Ashore Late Night calls, we stay until at least 9 p.m. in port so you can also experience some of the fabulous nightlife.

Natural Wonders

Behold the playful exuberance of the Gentoo penguins on picturesque Falkland Islands. Traverse Rio de Janeiro’s lush Tijuca Forest and National Park and savor the serenity of Punta Arenas, your gateway to Chilean Patagonia’s maze of fjords, rivers, steppes and mountains to the north.

Cruise Tours

Machu Picchu Explorer

Ascend into the Andes to magical Machu Picchu

Touch the clouds over dramatic Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas”. Tour ancient fortresses in the Incan capital of Cusco and view the extravagant architecture of the Historic Center of Lima – all three Peru highlights are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Andes and Argentina Wine Experience

Discover capitals, vineyards and the Andes

During this tour, you’ll visit several vineyards in the region of Mendoza and take part in wine tastings where you’ll get an overview of the local wines. Other highlights include tours of Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires as well as a bus ride across the Andes from Chile to Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

Charming Rio and Iguazú Falls

Stand in the presence of a waterfall taller and wider than Niagara Falls: Iguazú Falls. Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site from both Brazil and Argentina, then gaze up at Rio de Janeiro’s revered Christ the Redeemer statue and iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain.