Catch the aloha spirit the moment you come aboard a Hawaii Cruise

Why settle for seeing just one island on a Hawaii resort-based vacation when you can cruise in style and explore FOUR island jewels? Sailing with Princess is a far better vacation value, and you’ll visit the top-rated Hawaiian islands — Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island — without all the time-consuming hassle of island hopping by plane. From enriching Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions to our immersive "Aloha Spirit" program onboard, you’ll discover each island’s unique charm — and fall in love with Hawaii’s enchanting beauty.


More Hawaiian Islands, More Value

Why settle for seeing just one island on a Hawaii resort-based vacation when you can cruise in style and explore FOUR island jewels? Sailing with Princess is a far better vacation value, and you’ll visit the top-rated Hawaiian islands — Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island (Hilo and Kona) — without all the time-consuming hassle of island hopping by plane. From enriching Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions to our immersive "Aloha Spirit" program onboard, you'll discover each island's unique charm — and fall in love with Hawaii's enchanting beauty.

Savor Hawaii

Our team of talented chefs will take you on a mouthwatering culinary journey with exclusive "Aloha Spirit" menus, featuring freshly prepared and carefully curated Hawaiian dishes. You’ll quickly see why Food & Wine magazine named us Best Cruise Line for Food Lovers. Delight in slow-roasted Luau pork, delectably marinated Kona shrimp, divine Hawaiian Macadamia-infused desserts and, of course, refreshing Hawaiian-inspired cocktails. Friendly crew members also host open tastings and culinary demonstrations so you can truly immerse yourself in the wonderful flavors Hawaii.

Culture, History and Adventure

Let Princess Cruises take you to the best sights and on thrilling adventures with our award-winning Hawaii shore excursions. Get to know the each of the islands in depth with Discovery and Animal Planet Recommended and Exclusive excursions, offering you immersive adventures or even unique experiences you can only get from Princess. And on itineraries with More Ashore Late Night calls, we stay until at least 9 p.m. in port like Honolulu, so you can also experience some of the fabulous nightlife.

Aloha Spirit

Step on to our ship and you’ll be immersed in the color, culture, and flavors of Hawaii through our unique "Aloha Spirit" onboard program. Join in on our colorful King Kamehameha Festival, learn to play the ukulele, dance the Hula, weave a flower lei, see folkloric performances, indulge in tantalizing island fare and so much more. We make cruising to Hawaii just as fun as being there!

Hawaii is Closer Than You Think

With convenient roundtrip cruise departures from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, it’s easy to sail to Hawaii in style and avoid the hassle of a long, boring plane flight to paradise. And if you’re on the West Coast, it’s even easier to sail — local residents can drive in and sail on the same day!Want to explore the West Coast? You can also take advantage of Princess transportation, hotel, and sightseeing packages to discover these cosmopolitan cities.

Immerse yourself in all things Hawaii

Our exclusive "Aloha Spirit" program brings the sights and sounds of Hawaii to life on board with a wide variety of island-infused entertainment and enrichment programs, including:

  • Hawaiian Ambassadors on board every sailing
  • Lei-making workshops
  • Ukulele playing, and Hula dance lessons
  • Polynesian language classes
  • A special Grand Hawaiian Farewell Luau, where guests show off their new Hawaii-inspired talents
  • The Halau Hula Olana Folkloric Show — a Princess guest favorite
  • Hawaiian musicians, naturalists, and entertainers
  • The historic King Kamehameha Festival celebrated on board, as part of our Festivals of the World program

15 Days of Paradise

Our 15-day Hawaiian Island cruises offer an intoxicating mix of island adventure and carefree cruising. You’ll venture to four dazzling islands — including a full day and late evening in Honolulu to see the sights and experience its famed nightlife. And there’s so much to do while you’re at sea, like enjoying live entertainment, world-class cuisine, island-inspired activities and endless ocean views — plus it’s all included in your cruise fare! Discover why the Travel Channel named us "Best Cruises to see Hawaii."


Kauai (Nawiliwili), Hawaii

When it comes to Kauai, good things come in small packages. Despite being the smallest of the four main islands, Kauai is home to the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" Waimea Canyon,the lush Fern Grotto framed by Wailua River, and so much more. The stunning Na Pali Coast has served as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters, such as Jurassic Park and King Kong. With endless emerald landscapes, Kauai truly lives up to its nickname of "The Garden Island".


The fourth largest island in the Hawaiian group, Kauai is known as the "Garden Island." The terrain ranges from the volcanic slopes of Mt. Waialeale and the desert-like beauty of Waimea Canyon to the Wailua River’s lush Fern Grotto. Ironically this once isolated island was the site of the first meeting between Europeans and Hawaiians. On January 19, 1778, Captain James Cook anchored his ships off the mouth of the Waimea River, becoming the first in a long line of enthusiastic visitors.

  • Waimea Canyon

    This natural wonder astounds the viewer with stunning vistas that go on for miles. Located on the west side of Kauai, It truly lives up to its nickname, "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."

  • Wailua River & Fern Grotto

    A two-mile journey on the famed Wailua River leads to legendary Fern Grotto. It’s a dramatic must-see attraction and the setting for live performances of the "Hawaiian Wedding Song."

  • Napali Coast

    The remote northwest shore of Kauai has provided a stunning and pristine backdrop for movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong and others. A must-see attraction, "Napali" means "cliffs" in Hawaiian.

  • North Shore of Kauai

    One of the most scenic places in the world with miles of beautiful white-sand beaches, lush rainforests and mountain waterfalls.

  • Grove Farm Homestead

    This well-preserved sugar plantation/museum features a main house, farm office and workers’ homes surrounded by tropical gardens for a fascinating glimpse of island life in the late 1800s.

  • Kilauea Lighthouse

    Put into service in 1913, it is one of the nations most intact historic light stations. Atop Kilauea Point, this is one of Kauai’s most visited sites for its scenic beauty. This landmark played a pivotal and prominent role in the life of the nearby sugar plantation town of Kilauea and is a symbol if the town.

  • Snorkeling

    Step from the sand to the water and snorkel in one of the island’s beautiful beaches, or head to Kauai’s famed Na Pali Coast for a glimpse of incredible fish, coral and sea turtles playing offshore.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Some of Kauai’s most popular outdoor activities include zip-lining above the tropical forest canopy, hiking through the jungle, swimming in natural pools, river kayaking and tubing the Hanamaulu Ditch System.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The most populous of the Hawaiian islands, bustling Oahu offers attractions for visitors of all ages. Our sailings feature a special late night departure from Oahu, so you can spend a full day seeing the sights, then revel in Honolulu’s exciting nightlife. From iconic Waikiki Beach to the enormous Ala Moana Shopping Center to the glorious Iolani Palace and poignant Pearl Harbor memorials, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do in "The Big Pineapple" of Hawaii!


Home to nearly half a million people, Honolulu is Hawaii’s state capital and only major city. The city of Honolulu and the island of Oahu offer a wealth of historic, cultural and scenic attractions. Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head are two of the city’s enduring symbols. Pearl Harbor, site of the USS Arizona Memorial and the "Punchbowl," are haunting reminders of the tragic events of December 7, 1941, when the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor forced America into World War II. Honolulu is also home to the historic Iolani Palace, the official residence of Hawaii’s last royals. Beyond the city lie tropical rain forests, the Pali Lookout and the North Shore known for its surfing beaches.

A draw card to visitors of all ages, from all corners of the globe, Honolulu’s appeal ranges from it’s magnificent beaches, countless well-stocked shops, tempting restaurants and a multitude of historic, cultural and scenic attractions.

  • Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial

    A top tourist destination in Hawaii, this historic harbor features a memorial to the sunken USS Arizona and the 1,177crewmen who lost their lives during the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941.

  • Polynesian Cultural Center

    Located on Oahu’s North Shore this entertaining and educational center offers activities such as games crafts, music and dining, that will immerse you in Polynesian culture, arts and customs.

  • Pali Lookout

    A perennial favorite stop among visitors to Oahu, this breathtaking lookout features strong winds, 985-foot cliffs and panoramic views of the windward side of the island.

  • Diamond Head Crater

    Located on the Southeast coast of Oahu, this world-famous volcanic crater was given its name by British sailors in the 1800s who mistook the glittering calcite crystals in the lava rocks for diamonds.

  • Iolani Palace

    Immerse yourself in Hawaii’s royal heritage at this beautifully-restored palace built in 1882 by King Kalākaua, remembered as "the Merrie Monarch" because of his art patronage and penchant for socializing and entertaining.

  • Queen Emma Summer Palace

    Built in 1847, this beautifully-preserved, Hawaiian-Victorian summer retreat of Queen Emma, wife of King Kamehameha IV, features exhibits and tours that offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Hawaiian monarchy.

  • Hanauma Bay

    This curved bay formed from a volcano crater features a pristine white beach, hiking trails with breathtaking lookouts and a stunning coral reef that is home to a rich diversity of marine life.

  • Waimea Bay and North Shore

    While it features calm waters in the summer, during winter months this bay offers up some of the largest and spectacular surf in the world, thus making it a popular site for surfing contests.

Hilo (Big Island), Hawaii

Welcome to the Big Island of Hawaii - a paradise of black-sand beaches, tropical rainforest and volcanic mountains. Mauna Loa, the largest mountain on the planet, soars above the bleak lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


In the heart of the Big Island’s lush rainforest lies the remote and stunning Wai’po Valley (Valley of the Kings). Hawaii’s history matches its incomparable landscape - it is a saga of mighty Polynesian kings, sugar barons, war and treachery.

The landscape of the Big Island ranges from black-sand beaches to tropical rain forest to the alpine terrain of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. At 13,796 feet above sea level, the summit of Mauna Kea is the highest point in the entire Pacific basin.

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    See two of the world’s most active volcanoes, dramatic lava landscapes and get insight into the birth of the Hawaiian Islands from 70 million years of volcanic activity.

  • Tropical Botanical Gardens

    The Big Island is home to numerous garden wonderlands. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is rich with fertile volcanic soil and protected from trade winds. Find more than 2,000 plant species in this unique garden situated in a 40-acre valley. Nani Mau Gardens, does not disappoint with 20 acres of tropical flora as well as picturesque waterfalls and walking paths. Panaewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens showcases animals from rainforest climates around the world in a lush garden setting.

  • Akaka or Rainbow Falls

    Hike a half-mile loop on the walking path through lush tropical vegetation to a scenic vista overlooking the Akaka Falls cascading 442 feet down to the gorge below. The picturesque Rainbow Falls get its name for the rainbows that appear when the 80-foot cascade hits the water below and the mist creates a prism of color in the dazzling sunlight.

  • Waipi’o Valley

    This lush green valley is one of the Big Island’s most beautiful areas. Once a meeting place of Hawaiian kings, legend claims an otherworld gate is here and a spiritual "mana" can be felt.

  • Mauna Kea

    Its summit rises to 14,000 feet and is the only place on the Hawaiian Islands that snows in the winter. View the stars from the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy located at 9,000 feet.

  • Thomas A. Jaggar Museum

    Located near the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the museum offers panoramic views of Kilauea Caldera and Halema’uma’u Crater. Exhibits explain the history and geology of Hawaii’s volcanoes.

  • Lava Tree State Park

    Hike a nearly mile-long loop amongst a surreal landscape of lava trees, which resulted from a lava flow that left behind eerie lava molds of the tree trunks.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Hiking, caving, snorkeling, and kayaking amidst waterfalls are just some of the incredible outdoor activities you can participate in on Hilo.

Maui, Hawaii

Once the favorite playground of Hawaiian royalty, great warrior King Kamehameha chose to make Maui’s Lahaina his capital after uniting the Hawaiian islands. Explore breathtaking Haleakala National Park that boasts diverse volcanic and rainforest landscapes, plus a 10,000 foot tall dormant volcano. Or sail out onto the scenic waters off Maui’s sun-kissed shores and witness in awe as humpback whales frolic about.


Maui has always occupied a special place in the hearts of Hawaiians. The great warrior King Kamehameha, who united the islands under his rule, chose to make Lahaina his capital and Ka’anapali was once the favorite playground of Hawaiian royalty. And no wonder - Maui boasts stunning landscapes and superb beaches. Mt. Haleakala, a dormant volcano, rises 10,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Once hailed as "The Valley of the Kings," Maui’s Iao Valley is a tropical paradise dominated by the Needle, a volcanic monolith towering over the valley floor. Then there is Lahaina, once home to a royal court and a raucous port-of-call enjoyed by 19th-century Yankee whalers.

Haleakala means "The House of the Sun." To the Hawaiians, it appeared that the sun both rose from and set in the depths of its massive crater. Today, the centerpiece of Haleakala National Park, it is one of Maui’s major attractions.

  • Haleakala National Park

    From the summit of Haleakala and its volcanic landscapes, to the subtropical rainforest, fresh water pools, waterfalls and miles of trails, the land has a special connection to the Hawaiian culture.

  • Maui Ocean Center

    The marine life of the Hawaiian Islands are showcased in over 60 exhibits, including a 750,000-gallon saltwater aquarium with an underwater see-through tunnel offering 240-degree views.

  • Road to Hana

    This winding drive along lush coastline has 600 curves, 54 bridges, and is famous for its unspoiled beauty, from verdant rainforest and cascading waterfalls to dramatic seascape vistas.

  • Iao Valley State Park

    This 4,000-acre park has a tranquility set amongst one of Maui’s most iconic landmarks, the Iao Needle, a 1,200-foot rock outcropping. Walk the path to the outlook for great views.

  • Whale Watching

    Maui is humpback country. Shielded by the mountains, the waters off West and South Maui are calm, with high visibility, and humpback whales are attracted to the area’s shallow waters.

  • Molokini Crater

    Though this volcanic crater simply appears as a small crescent ridge from above, it reveals a wealth of magnificent coral and colorful fish beneath the sea - perfect for snorkeling!

  • Hawaiian Cultural Experience

    Visit a traditional Hawaiian village and taro farm, or travel through history on an award-winning guided tour, from the remains of King Kamehameha’s brick palace to the burial site of Hawaiian royalty.

  • Outdoor Adventures

    Submarine dive adventures and breathtaking helicopter tours offer a memorable experience on Maui, though you can still capture the essence of the island by hiking and keeping your feet on the ground.